Welcome to The Rangers Collection, a website dedicated to displaying a vast amount of memorabilia and artefacts associated with the club from one privately held collection. With the clubs 150th Anniversary in mind, the owner of this collection wanted to create a shared space where Rangers supporters could view a chronological history of the club through a whole range of rare, and not so rare items associated to the club.

This website is a work in progress, and will be for some time. Some categories have yet to be populated, and almost all categories have items still to be added. I will work through it as and when work and family life allows. I have decided to publish what I can just now as I wanted to give fellow supporters another medium through which they could view items of the clubs rich and proud heritage in this historic year.

I have taken great care to weed out any errors but I am still expecting some mistakes to have slipped through the quality control net. Please feel free to contact me at info@therangerscollection.com should you spot any glaring mistakes, or if you have any additional info relevant to any items listed.

These items have been gathered together over a period of 30+ years of collecting and are now freely on display to all Rangers supporters throughout the world for your enjoyment.

Many thanks to the following…

David Mason, Rangers Club Historian, for the many questions thrown his way over the years.

Jo Morley for his much needed help in identifying signatures on autographed items.

Carl Wilkes at footballsoccercards.com/ and Gary Curtis at ldcauctions.com/index.htm for their vast knowledge on trade cards etc.

Many thanks also to Alan Jenkins for the treasure trove of information to be found on his excellent blog at cartophilic-info-exch.blogspot.com/

November 2022

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I have no objections to things being posted on the various Rangers fans forums as an aide to generating discussion, without the need for my approval. Other than that, no photos or text from this website may be used in any form of social media or published printed matter without the express permission of The Rangers Collection. Any person or organisation wishing to use photos or text from this website should contact info@therangerscollection.com for approval.

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