Autographed Items

You will also find a large amount of signed documentation on the ‘Administrative Documents’ pages. I took the decision not to also list them here as there are far too many.

Sandy Archibald – Rangers player between 1917-34.

Thomas Muirhead – Rangers player between 1917-24, then returning later in 1924 for a 2nd spell with the club until 1930.

Alan Morton – Rangers player between 1920-33. On retiring from playing in 1933, he became a Member of the Rangers Board until his death in 1971.

Dougie Gray – Rangers player between 1925-47.

19th August 1926 – “The Story of The Rangers – Fifty Years Football 1873-1923” by John Allan. Signed by Rangers players and Manager.

Robert McPhail – Rangers player between 1927-40. This letter is thought to have been written in the 1990’s.

Jimmy Simpson – Rangers player between 1927-41.

Robert ‘Whitey’ McDonald – Rangers player between 1928-38.

Jerry Dawson – Rangers player between 1929-45.

George Brown – Rangers player between 1929-42. On retiring from playing he became a Director of the club.

Sam English – Rangers player between 1931-33.

Alex Venters – Rangers player between 1933-46.

16th March 1935 – 1934 – “Eleven Great Years – The Rangers 1923 to 1934” by John Allan.

1935-36 Season

1936-37 Season

Willie Woodburn – Rangers player between 1937-54.

Scott Symon – Rangers player between 1938-47. He returned to the club as Manager between 1954-67.

John (Tiger) Shaw – Rangers player between 1938-53. After retiring from playing, he became the 3rd team Trainer and later a Groundsman with the club.

1939 – Rangers group photo postcard from 1939-40 season.

Willie Waddell – Rangers player between 1939-55. He later became Manager of the Rangers team between 1969-72, General Manger of the club between 1972-75, Vice Chairman between 1975-79, and lastly a Consultant to the club between 1979-81 before retiring, remaining a Director of the club until his death in 1992.

Ian McColl – Rangers player between 1945-60.

Bobby Brown – Rangers player between 1946-56.

Sammy Cox – Rangers player between 1946-56.

Autographs from sometime between 1947-51.

Johnny Hubbard – Rangers player between 1949-59.

18th March 1950.

1950-51 Season.

1951– “Rangers’ Eventful Years 1934-1951” by John Allan. Signed by players and Trainer.

1951 – “Captain of Scotland – George Young”. Signed by George Young.

George Niven – Rangers player between 1951-62.

1951-52 Season.

Eric Caldow – Rangers player between 1952-66.

1954-55 Season.

Alex Scott – Rangers player between 1954-63.

Ralph Brand – Rangers player between 1954-65.

1955-56 Season.

Jimmy Millar – Rangers player between 1955-67.

Mid 1950’s – Note that signatures do not tie in with the photo of the team celebrating the 1953 Scottish Cup Final victory over Aberdeen.

Billy Ritchie – Rangers player between 1955-67.

Max Murray – Rangers player between 1965-62.

Bobby Shearer – Rangers player between 1955-65.

Harold Davis – Rangers player between 1956-64.

Davie Wilson – Rangers Player between 1956-67.

John Valentine – Rangers player between 1957-58.

Willie Telfer – Rangers player between 1957-60.

David Provan – Rangers player between 1958-70.

Albert Franks – Rangers player between 1959-60.

Jim Baxter – Rangers player between 1960-65. Returning for a 2nd spell at the club between 1969-70.

Willie Henderson – Rangers player between 1960-72.

Doug Baillie – Rangers player between 1960-64.

1961-62 Season.

John Greig – Rangers player between 1961-78. He then became Rangers team Manager between 1978-83, a member of the clubs Public Relations team between 1990-98, Youth Development Coach between 1998-03, Director of the club between 2003-11, and finally taking up an Ambassadors role at the club in 2015.

Early 1960’s team photo signed by Billy Ritchie, Ronnie McKinnon, George Young, Jimmy Millar & Ralph Brand.

21st April 1962 – Scottish Cup Final – Signed by Davy Wilson, Eric Caldow & Billy Ritchie.

21st April 1962 – Scottish Cup Final – Signed by Davy Wilson and Ralph Brand.

21st April 1962 – Scottish Cup Final – Signed by Davy Wilson.

1963-64 Season.

Willie Johnston – Rangers player between 1964-72. Returning for a 2nd spell at the club between 1980-82.

1964-65 & 1965-66 Seasons.

1965-66 Season.

1966. – “Forward with Rangers” by Willie Henderson. Signed by Willie Henderson.

1968 – “A Captain’s Part” by John Greig. Signed by John Greig.

1969 – “John Greig’s Book of Football”. Signed by John Greig.

1970 – “Playing For Rangers No. 2” by Ken Gallacher. Signed by Dave Smith.

Colin Stein – Rangers player between 1968-72. Returning for a 2nd spell at the club between 1975-78.

Alex MacDonald – Rangers player between 1968-80.

Derek Johnstone – Rangers player between 1970-83. Returning for a 2nd spell at the club between 1985-86.

May 1972 – Parading the European Cup Winners Cup at Ibrox. Signed by the cup winning team.

18th September 1972 – Dinner menu & Itinerary from civic reception given to Rangers F.C. at Glasgow City Chambers in honour of winning the European Cup Winners Cup. Signed by players, officials and musical artistes.

1973 – “Growing With Glory” by Ian Peebles. Signed by 24 players & staff.

1973-74 Season.

6th December 1973 – Programme from civic reception given to Rangers F.C. on the occasion of their centenary. Signed by Derek Parlane.

1974 – “Playing For Rangers No. 6” by Ken Gallacher. Signed by Derek Johnstone.

1974-75 Season.

1976 – “Playing For Rangers No. 8” by Ken Gallacher. Signed by John Greig.

1976-77 – “Rangers – The New Era” by William Allison. Signed by 37 players and management, plus the author.

1976-78 – “Rangers – The New Era” by William Allison. Signed by 23 players & staff.

Late 1970’s – “Rangers – The New Era” by William Allison. Signed by 12 players.

Davie Cooper – Rangers player between 1977-89.

1980 – “Rangers – My Team” by Derek Johnstone. Signed by Derek Johnstone.

1981-82 – Rangers squad photo, signed by 12 players and staff.

Ally McCoist – Rangers player between 1983-98. Became the Rangers team Manager between 2011-14.

9th June 1984 – Menu from a ‘Buffet Dinner’ attended by Rangers players and officials on the evening of their friendly match against a New Zealand Invitation XI played earlier in the day. Signed by Ally McCoist.

Ian Durrant – Rangers player between 1985-98. Caretaker Manager of the Rangers team for a short period in 2007.

1986-87 Season.

Graeme Souness – Player/Manager of Rangers between 1986-91.

1987 – “Both Sides Of The Border” by Terry Butcher. Signed by Terry Butcher.

Terry Butcher – Rangers player between 1986-90.

Chris Woods – Rangers player between 1986-91.

Richard Gough – Rangers player between 1987-97. Returning later in 1997 for a 2nd spell between 1997-98.

Ray Wilkins – Rangers player between 1987-89.

Mark Walters – Rangers player between 1987-91.

7th May 1989 – Programme for the presentation of the Scottish Football Writers 1989 ‘Player of the Year’ award to Richard Gough. Signed by Richard Gough.

1990 – “Glasgow Rangers – Player By Player” by Bob Ferrier and Robert McElroy. Signed be numerous players.

Mark Hateley – Rangers player between 1990-95. Returning for a 2nd brief spell at the club in 1997.

Walter Smith – Manger of Rangers between 1991-98 and 2007-11.

Stuart McCall – Rangers player between 1991-98. Caretaker Manager at the club for a brief period in 2015.

1992 – “My Story” by Ally McCoist. Signed by Ally McCoist.

10th April 1993 – Invitation match ticket for Rangers v Motherwell match at Ibrox signed by Sandy Jardine.

1993 – “Field Of Dreams” by Richard Gough. Signed by Richard Gough.

1994 – “Mr Smith – The Fan Who Joined The Ibrox Legends” by Walter Smith. Signed by Walter Smith.

Brian Laudrup – Rangers player between 1994-98.

Craig Moore – Rangers player between 1994-98.

Mid-1990’s – Hand signed match worn goalkeeper gloves belonging to Andy Goram.

1995-96 Season, team photo signed by Brian Laudrup, Stuart McCall, Paul Gascoigne & Richard Gough.

Paul Gascoigne – Rangers player between 1995-95.

1996-97 – Signed Rangers goalkeepers shirt worn by Andy Goram during the 1996-97 season.

Jorge Albertz – Rangers player between 1996-2001.

Erik Bo Andersen – Rangers player between 1996-97.

Lorenzo Amoruso – Rangers player between 1997-2003.

Colin Hendry – Rangers player between 1998-2000.

Andrei Kanchelskis – Rangers player between – 1998-2002.

Stefan Klos – Rangers player between 1998-2007.

Arthur Numan – Rangers player between 1998-2003.

Rod Wallace – Rangers player between 1998-2001.

4th October 1998 – Programme from the Ian Ferguson Testimonial Dinner held at Victoria’s Nightclub, Glasgow, on. Signed by Ian Ferguson.

Michael Mols – Rangers player between 1999-2004.

Early 2000’s – Hand signed match worn goalkeeper gloves belonging Stefan Klos.

Ronald de Boer – Rangers player between 2000-04.

Bert Konterman – Rangers player between 2000-03.

Peter Lovenkrands – Rangers player between 2000-06.

Shota Arveladze – Rangers player between 2001-05.

Michael Ball – Rangers player between 2001-05.

Claudio Caniggia – Rangers player between 2001-03.

Alex McLeish – Rangers team Manager between 2001-06.

Chris Burke – Rangers player between 2002-09.

13th April 2003 – Programme from The Goalie Benefit Dinner held at the Thistle Hotel, Glasgow. Signed by Andy Goram.

Zurab Khizanishvili – Rangers player between 2003-06.

5th October 2003 – Programme from the Bobby Russell Testimonial Dinner held at the Hilton Hotel, Glasgow. Signed by Andy Goram & Bobby Russell.

21st March 2004 – Programme from Mark Hateley Testimonial Dinner held at the Hilton Hotel, Glasgow. Signed by Mark Hateley and 10 others including Bobby Robson.

Nacho Novo – Rangers player between 2004-10.

2004-05 – Signed Rangers home shirt worn by Nacho Novo in an unknown UEFA Cup match during the 2004-05 season.

Dado Prso – Rangers player between 2004-07.

Alex Rae – Rangers player between 2004-06.

1st May 2005 – Programme from the Rangers Player of the Year Awards. Signed by 4 players.

2005 – “John Greig – My Story” by John Greig. Signed by John Greig.

26th February 2006 – Programme and ticket from the Rangers Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony held at the Hilton Hotel, Glasgow. Signed by 5 players.

2006 – “Rangers Treble Kings” by Bob MacCallum. Signed by 7 players.

2006 – “To Barcelona And Beyond” by Paul Smith. Signed by 9 players.

16th November 2007 – Fife District Of Rangers Supporters Clubs – Barcelona ’72 Testimonial Dinner. Signed by 8 players.

2007 – “Rangers Cult Heroes” by Paul Smith. Signed by Colin Stein and Willie Johnston.

2010 – “Jaws – The Tom Forsyth Story” by Tom Forsyth. Signed by Tom Forsyth.